OnRoadAssist Ltd. is a sister company to Rvonroad Ltd. (2009)

OnRoadAssist offers a Roadside Assistance solution to Individual Clients for


We can only do this because we don't have fancy expensive Corporate Offices and Call Centres with high staff costs and Freephone numbers which only increase the cost to you and require other Providers of Roadside Assistance to charge upfront annual costs for a service which members rarely use.


All our OnRoadAssist Call Centre Technicians work on a mobile/work from home basis to keep down the costs and get you fast, efficient, cost effective service, when you need it. We use a Mobile Call Centre System which has been widely tested for a couple of years.

Our hours are generally 8am to 8pm, however we may be able to assist outside of these hours, subject to our availability and may consider a 24/7 subject to demand with the Service.

We have a huge database of connections and have been arranging breakdown assistance since 2009, so you are in good hands....and we have NEVER left anyone on the side of road without assistance.

The only requirement for the FREE MEMBERSHIP Roadside Assistance is for you to sign up as a FREE member with OnRoadAssist and you  MUST be on our mailing list BEFORE we can arrange the Roadside Assistance, so best to do this NOW, so you do not have to complete this requirement when you do need us.


This is a very important part of our business model, for the following reason:

A large mailing list means that 3rd party Businesses will be able to offer us some incredible deals for our members. With a large list we are able to make an income from our list with those Providers of products and services from sales made to our membership. We also can get a percentage of the service contractor charge (No, this does not mean  overcharging you when you have a problem) if we are putting business their way.


So essentially with our business model everyone wins!


You personally end up with the following:

FREE MEMBERSHIP Roadside Assistance for 'peace of mind' for when you need us, no outlay for something you rarely use, incredible opportunity to get the best deals from a wide range of NZ Businesses and the use of varied groups on our website which could save you money and link with other interest groups.

Use of OnRoadAssist is as SIMPLE as it gets and needs only the completion of the below Form below if you need Roadside Assistance OR a call to 03 667 1553 Option 9 and we will take your information and send you our Location link, so we can see where you are.


If you accept our standard cost or quote for a roadside assistant to attend and then agree to use us then you only pay our job management fee* (or quoted figure) directly to us upfront so we can arrange and engage the roadside contractor. At that point all your further dealings are directly with the Roadside Contractor for their attendance and any further repair costs. This keeps things simple and all service parties are paid directly and immediately for the service they supply to you.

This gets even better, because you can reduce our Management Fee to ZERO just by referring FREE members to us!

Our arrangement/engagement fees are simple.

For hours of between 8am and 8pm our standard arrangement fee is $49.95 +gst. Between 8pm and 8am the arrangement fee is $79.95 + gst

The reason for the fee is that we are not taking an annual membership fee from you, so we do have to make a profit when there is a requirement to use us. Should this fee vary then we will advise and you will just pay the relevant quoted fee in the 'NO FIXED FEE' selection below.

By adding a call out fee charged by the Roadside Contractor, this still equates to a lot less than other Providers who would charge a standard immediate $200 sign up fee for immediate joining just to attend OR may not even accept your request due to a required 'stand-down' period after joining.

*Note the terms and conditions for providing our OnRoadAssist service can change at any time without prior notice and at the discretion of OnRoadAssist Limited
  Companies to whom we contract, have assisted previously or with whom we are affiliated  

Registered Office:

58 Langdons Road, Christchurch

New Zealand


Tel: +64 3 667 1553


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* We may consider non-contracted clients on a case by case basis, however this will be at a premium charge-out rate and charged through Rvonroad Ltd.. Contracted companies to Rvonroad will pay the flat rate directly to the contractor.

Terms of use RV Group: There are no restrictions on posting in the RV Group and commercial adverts are welcome. Rvonroad accepts no responsibility for any advice given by members and it is important to conduct due diligence on any advice given.