Stuart Smith
Company Director


Rvonroad Limited is in its 11th year of business. The sole director of the company is myself, Stuart Smith.

Born in the UK, where I spent many years of my life before emigrating to New Zealand, where I have lived for nearly 25 years.

I am married with a grown up family and live in a rural Town (Rangiora) just outside of Christchurch on the South Island.

I have had a varied career, however the majority of my time in New Zealand has been spent in the RV industry.

My start in the industry was simply to do some physical work for a short period, solely to lose some weight...my thinking being that I may as well earn a few dollars while losing some weight.....so I applied for a position which was advertised in the newspaper.

I started with grooming of motorhomes and was then made Supervisor, progessing to maintenance by default when there was nobody else to do this job, so it was a question of learning quickly. A varied selection of other jobs incIuding customer shuttle driving, motorhome driving (from small to the largest) /relocations plus regular dealing with clients and I ended up staying with the company for nearly ten years. Due to the inherent entrepreneurial side of my character, I spotted an opportunity to work for myself. With the timing right and having lost some enthusiasm after so long time in the same employment, it was felt a fresh change was needed. 

A proposal was made to the company to look after their rental clients and answer all their queries and arrange repairs while they were out on the road in NZ. This was quickly accepted...as it was a job that nobody in the company wanted to do and this was an important part of customer service.

So, in 2009, Rvonroad Ltd. was incorporated and we are now into the 11th year of providing a consistently top quality service to RV companies and continually expanding our base of connections across New Zealand.

RVstu.com has been set up as our Mobile Smart Card and is intended to bring everything RV/Motorhome/Car Rental to one place easily accessed from your mobile phone and is an important resource which we use to share to Clients in fixing their issues. This is intended to grow to be similar to Seat 61 for trains...but a mobile version.

We are totally set up for home working and also work on a mobile basis to allow me to get out of the Home Office...very necessary to get out and meet people!

In the 2019/2020 season and in our 11th year of business, we are now utilising the mechanical and RV skills of our other independant contractors, Mick Bancroft and Gordon/Karen Elliot,  to further improve our service and to place us in a position of being able to take on additional RV companies who can see the benefit of having mechanically and RV trained people trouble-shooting for their clients, which can in turn improve their overall reviews on key review websites and be excellent for referral business.


With the introduction of a fully featured mobile 'call-centre' like phone system last year, we are now scaleable at any time we require and we use this with our current Independant Contractors and fully trained Call Centre Technicians.

We have also introduced a range of Online Forms including Follow Up, which now puts us in an even more professional position for dealing with  Clients. We also have introduced a range of Analysis Forms which we use as tools (Clients complete) to see if problems are 'operator error' or genuine. This can save RV companies money on using service contractors.

Travel savings for Clients are also an important area for us moving forward and we already have some good website opportunities for travel savings.

We are also heading towards 50 Testimonials of our service from a whole range of multi-national clients.

Our Relocation Service has now been fully tested for the 2019/2020 season and we now use a GPS Tracking App so we can track progress of our Relocation Drivers for keeping Clients fully informed.

My personal spare time activities are mountain biking, which I fit in most days and gym work. These being essential due to the job being office based.

I am also a main Lead in setting up the Neighbourly website in our local Community area and to this date have the highest (and still growing) introductions to this Community website, which is now bigger than Twitter in New Zealand.

Further information is available on our Mobile Virtual Business Card.


Mick Bancroft

Call Centre Technician

Mick is highly experienced in problem solving and has a wide range of general experience and is knowledgeable on Motorhomes.


He can also speak German which can be very useful when English is difficult for German natives.



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We are a mature husband & wife team, who have a genuine interest in all things related to the RV lifestyle. 


We have owned our current 10 metre ex school bus for 20 years& have built the bus, from an empty shell, into a modern, comfortable & functional home. 


Included in the build are all the mod cons required to live off grid permanently. 


After a health scare, we made the decision to leave the comfort & security of a permanent corporate position& skilled tradesman, in search of a less stressful lifestyle. 


We have now been living full-time in our homebuilt motorhome, for the past 10 years travelling the country& picking up odd jobs along the way to fund our daily living costs. 


During our travels we have encountered many issues that occur with owing a heavy vehicle & the mile’s covered along the way. 


This is when my Husband’s various maintenance, mechanical & handyman skills, together with our basic understanding of troubleshooting, have been of great benefit, with instant fixes carried out on the road, at little cost.


We feel that working with theRVonroad team, is the perfect fit for us at this stage of our life & have many years of various skills to offer, gained through employment opportunities & owing a motorhome, which will be of great benefit required in this field of work.

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Peter Unkovich

Call Centre Technician
Peter has been working with us on and off for many years and comes with a wealth of experience in motorhomes.


He is fully experienced in the operations of Rvonroad and is very good with Clients with clear instructions on helping them out of their relevant issue.


Relocation & Local Repair Independant Contractors
We have a large Database of Relocation Drivers and Repair Contractors around New Zealand. If you need assistance, we are well worth a try. For Relocation Drivers click here and for other enquiries, contact us on 03 667 1553 or email info@rvonroad.com 
Karen & Gordon Elliot
Call Centre Technicians