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There are multiple options of working as a self-employed Independant Contractor with Rvonroad

If you have Technical experience with Motorhomes or have had Call Centre experience for example with a Breakdown Assistance Organisation then this could be of interest to you. The Features are below:
  • You would be taking calls on a mobile basis from home etc. and assisting Motorhome Rental Clients with technical assistance queries or needing Breakdown support backed up by our large range of easily shareable Intellectual Property which can be used while you are an Independant Contractor with Rvonroad
  • We will give you training at our Rvonroad Online Office Centre 
  • You will be installed on our Mobile Call Centre Phone System to take calls at pre-arranged times
  • You can sign on and off on our Mobile Call Centre Phone System just like an Uber driver, subject to pre-arranged hours
  • Call rates as shown on the Application Form
This is ideal for those who like to travel around the country picking up and delivering motorhomes (or cars). We will allocate any Relocations on our Work Allocation System and will send you an Invite to sign up. Once signed up you will download an App and you will be able to see work as it is posted and simply accept or reject.
You will be subject to insurance excesses per the relevant Rental Company and you will need to be extremely careful with fuelling the vehicles with the correct fuel, as fuel contamination is a costly issue and you would be liable for the full cost of repair in one lump sum if a mistake was made. This rarely happens but it is best you know ahead so that the utmost care is taken when refuelling.
If you enjoy helping people then this could be of particular interest to you. There are two areas here. One is for Independant Contractors who just want to assist Clients On Site with motorhome queries and will require a general motorhome knowledge. The second is for Independant Contractors who have good maintenance skills and can assist Clients with quick fixes allowing them to get moving again promptly.
Work is allocated via our Work Allocation Platform and you simply download an App to keep up to date on what is required and in which location.
Sign on to the Work Platform, by clicking the BLUE button above, if you are interested in Relocations, Part Delivery, Maintenance work and Client Assistance. There is no need to sign up if you are just applying for the Mobile Call Centre option ONLY.
  Companies to whom we contract, have assisted previously or with whom we are affiliated  

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* We may consider non-contracted clients on a case by case basis, however this will be at a premium charge-out rate and charged through Rvonroad Ltd.. Contracted companies to Rvonroad will pay the flat rate directly to the contractor.

Terms of use RV Group: There are no restrictions on posting in the RV Group and commercial adverts are welcome. Rvonroad accepts no responsibility for any advice given by members and it is important to conduct due diligence on any advice given.

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