Welcome to Rvonroad Ltd. 
Now established for over 11 years and offering this UNIQUE niche service in New Zealand, we have a range of benefits for those in the following areas:
  • RV Rental Companies looking to use our customer focused service for their clients out on the road with a huge range of over 100 pages of IP on every RV component which we can share with Clients and has already proved to work very successfully as a tool.
  • Use us for our wide range of Service Contractors in chosen areas on a case by case basis, where your own service contractors may be overloaded with work or you have no coverage.
  • RV or Rental Car companies who want to make use of our Independant Contractors who can relocate motorhomes and cars throughout New Zealand. These jobs are allocated via our Uber like App and we can put jobs out in specific areas to those who are available for client assistance, relocations or parts delivery. 
  • RV Private Clients who have purchased a motorhome and want a cost-effective combined Mechanical/RV Service
  • PREMIUM Booking Service which offers Clients a whole range of benefits and savings when booking direct with us
  • Travel Booking savings for current or future Travel
  • RV Owners...Purchase an RV GOLD Package to give a whole array of benefits including RV Assistance, Online Graphical Platform to associate with other RVers, Groups, Forums, Access to our wide array of connections of a whole range of Motorhome issues, Access to our RV Experienced Call Centre to discuss anything RV. One SIMPLE comprehensive package for around $1.50 per day
We practice what we preach and our huge range of Testimonials attest to our service over a long period of time.
Having travelled to meet with a wide range of NZ Service Contactors, we also have excellent business relationships with many, who are always keen to assist.
Whether you are looking to free up some of your time, use us as a back-up in busy times or for a whole contract, we are flexible enough to fit in with what works for you.
We from Day One have set up to work on a mobile and from home basis which keeps down the costs.
In the 2019/2020 season we have multiple trained Mobile Call Centre Operators covering a 24/7 period, so we are always in a position to answer incoming calls with a REAL PERSON through our innovative Mobile Call Centre System, and NOT via robotic technology or answer service.
For 2020/2021, due to the collapse of Tourism in New Zealand concerning the Covid 19 Pandemic, we will be also be changing our focus and working more with our sister company OnRoadAssist, to develop the Personal Roadside Assistance market in New Zealand with our 'Pay as You Go' model and we see this being very beneficial when Tourism increases in the future, as we will have even more connections to provide an even better service.

What do you want to do?

With over 11 years experience and a well tested Mobile Call Centre, we can offer you top quality service for your Clients for a reasonable rate and with this being one of the most important parts of the service for RV Companies, we can bring down your expenses and improve your Reviews!

Use our



Relocations are a necessary part of the RV Rental Business. Specialist companies offer special offers direct to Clients, however there is still a lot of vehicle which have to be moved. We have a top quality system for organising Relocations including tracking our Relocation Drivers. We do not pretend to be the cheapest, but then quality never comes at a low price.
Booking Motorhomes, Flights and Onward Hotels etc.? You may want to check out our variety of RV, travel and accommodation portals for pricing.
Just click the graphic below and contact us for more information.
There is no service like this offered to the General Public!
This is a very comprehensive package for anyone with an RV and covers a whole range of features for the low price of under $2 per day inclusive of GST and less than a cost of joining a Gym!