Two ways you can use our Service 

As a Call-Centre type solution where we look after your Clients at times which you determine and where we charge out at varying rates
Where you make use of our wide service contractor range and instruct us to deal with your client on a case by case basis for which we just 'clip the ticket' on each Invoiced job
Do any of the below apply to you/your company?
  • Bad reviews?
  • Time constrained and need some time off?
  • Expert experience needed?
  • Need back up support when busy?
Would it help you to get the following benefits?
  • Increase Customer Referrals
  • Get more satisfied Clients
  • Have a cost effective solution
  • Have the benefit of Comprehensive Online Forms for contacts with your Clients
  • Follow Up System to make sure Client is satisfied after any issues with their vehicle
  • Have Flexible Hours
  • Give your Clients Top quality service
  • Seamlessly integrate us with your Organisation
  • Reduce Compensation Claims
  • Multiple Mechanic and RV experienced persons to answer your Rental Client questions and follow up with written and photo/video assistance DIRECT to Client Mobile phones!
  • Huge range of contacts including tow companies for large motorhomes
  • No requirement to pay extra for AA membership
  • Brand new specialist RV service contractors in QUEENSTOWN and other main locations around New Zealand, which are available ONLY* to our contracted RV companies.
The methods/technology we utilise to provide our top quality service:
  • Detailed Job Forms which we use over the phone and drill into all details required when a Client has a problem
  • RVHelp Self-Service Forms which enable a Client to send us information via their mobile phones to save them time when on the phone with us.
  • Pro-active 'Happy with your Rental Vehicle' Forms which we send to client within 48 hours of their pick up from the Rental Depot. These are very simple and quick for the Client to complete and they can score on a 1-10 basis how happy they are. If they do have an issue, they are able to detail it on a separate Form after submission.
  • Follow Up Forms which we send to a Client to check that their problems have been solved.
  • Testimonial Forms to allow us to keep track of our level of Customer Service
  • A wide range of communication methods which the Client can choose to contact us
  • Detailed Forms which allow us to report back to the Rental Depots to give a complete picture of individual Clients when they have an issue.
  • Specific Accident Forms which the Client completes giving full details and photos of any accident
  • We have a Mobile Call Centre Like Phone Service with multiple scaleable features. We and our Operators work on a totally mobile and work from home basis with no expensive premises. This is a well tested professional service.
ScreenHunter_214 Oct. 12 13.22.jpg
We have an increasing amount of people across NZ interested in the following:
  • Relocations
  • Parts Delivery
  • Client Assistance
  • Maintenance Repairs
These we have set up on like an Uber system where we can see who is available at any given time and allocate work via our Graphical Work Platform.
So if you are looking for people to assist in your Rental Company as above on one-off jobs then you simply contact us, we put out a work message and we see if there is someone interested. For Relocations just click the BLUE button alongside and tell us what you require.
Because Service Contractors get overloaded during the season and we cover some key areas, then we see this service being beneficial.
If we get acceptance then we will co-ordinate with you to complete the work.
Very SIMPLE! Charge out rate as below!

Maybe you are a small RV rental company trying to balance all the tasks as well as client queries or perhaps you are juggling multiple businesses and just need a hand.

Well we can offer probably the simplest most cost-effective method of assisting you with client issues while they are travelling on their holiday PLUS saving you money on paying for additional roadside assistance cover.

Breakdown and RV Technical Assistance is one of the most important areas to get right in the RV rental market. Without this being right then it opens up the company to bad reviews on websites such as Rankers (which tourists will visit for their research) and for compensation claims when customer service fails due to lack of technical experience.

So, would you rather have this in the hands of specialist RV maintenance-trained and mechanical or mechanically aware people who have dealt with multi-national clients on a day to day basis since 2009 OR a staff member who maybe untrained and uninterested in this area OR maybe yourself as Company Owner, who is juggling a lot of tasks already?

Various contract options are available as below.

We deal with client mechanical and RV issues (we spent many years in RV maintenance) and have been assisting clients on a daily basis since 2009 for breakdown assistance and RV technical assistance.

Why are you paying an upfront cost to a roadside assistance contractor when we include breakdown assistance with our contract rate and you then only pay for the call out and breakdown costs when they occur and not an upfront cost to cover your entire fleet when only a percentage will breakdown?

We can fit seamlessly into your RV operation.

The 2019/2020 season sees us utilising the additional services of a Specialist in RVs and on the Technical Assistance Line plus a lot more service contractors including a now well-tested Contractor in QUEENSTOWN (these are as scarce as hen's teeth!) who is mechanic trained and does a variety or RV repairs too.


Check out our 2019/2020 rates below then complete and submit the Form to show your interest

Specialist RV Contractors now available in:
Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Queenstown, New Plymouth,Tauranga, Invercargill, Dunedin, Timaru, Whangarei, Alexandra, Ashburton,
Blenheim, Nelson, Fielding, Rotorua, Hamilton, Kerikeri, Levin, Napier,Taupo,Thames

Charge out Rates

Call rate only $20 + gst per call inbound and $10 + gst outbound

Single (non consecutive) Daily Rate Retainer  for companies of no more than 50 vans $100 + gst  includes unlimited inbound and outbound calls between 8am to 8pm any day of the week. Larger fleet sizes by negotiation.

Daily Rate Retainer at $50 and $15 per inbound call and $7.50 per outbound call and FREE use for your clients of our IP on our Mobile App

Daily Rate Retainer at $75 and $10 per inbound call and $5 per outbound call

Full contract cost $30 + gst per van per month. Contract on month by month basis

After hours by negotiation

Multiple Consecutive Daily Rates 1-3 OR number of times used during month = 10% discount

Multiple Consecutive Daily Rates 4-7 OR number of times used during month = 20% discount

Relocations of Vehicles are charged out at $30 per hour of driving. This includes all organisation, co-ordination with the Client plus GPS tracking of our relocation drivers so that progress to a client location can be tracked and Client kept updated.

Use of our Service Contractors: We simply arrange directly with your client and co-ordinate the repair with our own Contractors. For our work we 'clip the ticket' and invoicing is completed with Rvonroad.

Have your own Motorhome and require an OnRoad Assistance option from RV Specialists?

Click RVAssist for more information